3 Kinds of Legal Weed in Boulder, Colorado

People who partake in recreational weed have several options. Weed isn’t just for smoking anymore. There are now a variety of ways to ingest it, depending on personal preference. When searching the web for “dispensary near me,” make sure to check out the menus of the dispensaries. It may be time to try a new type of marijuana.


Marijuana Flower or Bud

The two main types of cannabis found at stores are Indicas and Sativas.

  • Indicas

Indica strains are a good choice for those suffering from problems associated with pain or anxiety. Indicas buds are dark and denser than other flowers. They contain a higher level CBD, which is a cannabinoid.

  • Sativas

This is a good choice for a recreational consumer, as it contains high levels of THC, the main psychoactive component in marijuana. This cannabinoid is known to produce an uplifting high.


Edible Marijuana

Edible marijuana comes in many forms, though baked goods are the most common. The recommended dosage for edibles is 10 mg and can take up to six hours to feel its effects. For those who have never tried edible cannabis in a brownie or cookie, use caution until the effect shows.

Eating marijuana causes a different result than inhaling it. It is metabolized a different way, which means the body will get more effects of a high than the brain. The body will feel warm, causing lethargy to occur. It can take several hours for the effect to wear off.


Marijuana Concentrates

Marijuana concentrates are created by extracting cannabinoids from a marijuana plant. There are several types of marijuana concentrates available.

  • Tinctures

Tinctures are creating by soaking cannabis trim in alcohol. It can be administered under the tongue or added to drinks depending on preference.

  • Cannabis Oil

Made similarly to tinctures, cannabis oil has the excess alcohol evaporated from the concentrate. This leaves a tar-like substance.

  • CO2 Oil

CO2 oil is created by pressurizing CO2 until it liquifies, then using the liquid to strip cannabinoids from a plant. The liquid then evaporates, resulting in a dark amber extract that is often used in vape cartridges.   



Topicals are a way to administer cannabis without ingesting it through the mouth. It results in pain relief to the treated area without getting the high of other methods. It is made in lotions and patches.   

Methods of administering marijuana have advanced greatly in the past few years. Finding a dispensary that has a variety of options on their menu allows the consumer to test different method and discover a favorite. Local dispensaries in Boulder, Colorado will offer many options to an amateur or experienced consumer.