4 Reasons Pot Became Legal

Recreational marijuana is now legal in several states. The reasons the law passed in these areas are quite a variety. People’s beliefs, the economy, medicating those who are sick, etc., are just a few reasons that these states now have access to legalized weed. Legal pot is available from many dispensaries in the Boulder area and is sold in a variety of forms.


Reasons Pot was Legalized


There are many reasons that pot became legal in some areas. The main reasons are believed to be these four:

  • The Economy

Recreational consumers spend an average of $650 on cannabis. This amount of money and more was going to dealers selling it illegally all over the U.S. This cash now stays in the areas where legal recreational pot is sold, boosting the overall economy of the area. Additionally, businesses are supporting the marijuana industry. Farms and dispensaries provide jobs to many people, which also aids the economy. If marijuana was legal in all states it is anticipated that an additional $46.7 billion would be brought into the country.

  • Marijuana is Used as Medicine

Even when it was illegal, many people were getting marijuana to alleviate pain and anxiety. Now that it is legal, these people can purchase it freely, treating conditions as they deem fit. While medical marijuana is legal in some states, it isn’t commonly prescribed because physicians have zero training on how to do it. Legalizing pot allows people to go buy it themselves without the hassle of a doctor’s visit. They can treat pain and other medical problems easily.

  • Remove Money From the Drug Cartels

Drug cartels are a huge source of pot smuggling into the U.S. Legalizing marijuana eliminated all the business cartels receive from legalized areas states. Experts believe that legalizing pot in all states would result in bankrupting that area of business for drug cartels, giving them less American money.  

  • Fight Depression and Other Personal Uses

Many people voted to legalize marijuana because of the effect they get from using it. It is proven to fight depression. Cases of depression have increased over time, making this a viable reason for people to vote pro-legalization. Additionally, people choose to use it recreationally. Much like choosing to smoke or drink, it’s a recreational habit that isn’t going away.



There are many options when choosing to use weed recreationally. It can be smoked, eaten, used topically, or added to drinks. People have made pot into a huge business and now that it is legal, many dispensaries have opened. Before choosing a dispensary, ensure that they have a variety of products on their menu that are created in a safe environment.