5 Methods Dispensaries Use to Grow High-Quality Recreational Weed

Now that weed is legal, people are able to be discriminatory about where they purchase it. Certain strains or tastes are preferred over others, making certain locations the best place to buy. Recreational dispensaries are the future of marijuana access. The best locations will have specific rules for their weed growth. When searching “recreational dispensaries near me,” be sure to evaluate the source of the weed offered.

What to Know About Growing High-Quality Recreational Weed


Growing Methods

Many weed shops have select growing methods to make sure their weed is the best they can produce. Here are the most common methods they utilize for high-quality plants.


Seed Selection

Selecting certain strains and sticking with them is how many shops begin the growth process. They know what preferences their customers have and will obtain seeds that grow the best plants to meet those needs. Some clients prefer to use sativa because the high is typically stronger. They get a traditional energized high from this type of weed. Other growers focus on medicinal strains, as that is where their customer base lies. These strains need genetics that offer higher concentrations of CBD. Carefully selecting a seed that will produce plants with genetic qualities they need is how they create the best quality product for their clients.


Soil Quality

Cannabis plants are the same as other types of crops. They need specific nutrients to grow. Growers have the knowledge of which nutrients will best serve their crops. High-quality organic soils are the best for growing any type of plant and weed is no exception. Organic soils often need no additional nutrients during the growth cycle and have zero unnatural chemicals that could affect taste and effectiveness of the plant.



Lighting is of huge importance to weed growers. Marijuana plants require a great deal of light to prosper. For indoor growth, crops must be exposed to intense lighting using powerful bulbs like LEDs or HPS. This will yield larger and more productive crops for the grower.



Growers must ensure that their crops have access to plenty of airflow. Airflow is important because it keeps air quality high and reduces the chance for plants to get mold. Fans or exhaust systems are necessary to keep the airflow going for indoor crops.  



Temperature needs to remain consistent during the entire growth cycle. Marijuana prefers a temperature of 50-58 degrees. Consistently monitoring the temperature with wall thermometers allows growers to make adjustments as needed before any plant deaths occur.


Recreational dispensaries occasionally grow their own products or order them from reputable vendors. When purchasing weed, ensure that the shop gets their produce from a high-quality source that uses organic soil and nutrient additives, as this can alter the flavor and quality of plants.