5 Rules for Buying Legal Weed

Weed is slowly becoming legal across the country. There is a great deal of hype and arguments surrounding these decisions. It isn’t an unregulated industry, meaning that there are rules that must be followed. Just like with drinking alcohol, it is regulated by law. Those looking to purchase legal weed in the Boulder area need to be aware of the regulations surrounding the legality of pot.


Rules and Regulations of Buying Legal Weed

Weed may be legal, but it wasn’t legalized without some rules. Here is what consumers need to know before purchasing weed.

  • Anyone 21 or older can purchase recreational pot in Colorado, Washington, Oregon, and Alaska. Dispensaries that sell recreational marijuana have been open in Colorado and Washington since 2014. Oregon opened their dispensaries in 2015, followed by Alaska the next year.

  • People 21 or older can legally possess and smoke weed in eight states and Washington D.C. These states are California, Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada, Washington, Colorado, Oregon, and Alaska.

  • It is still possible to get fired for smoking marijuana, even if the person is sober at work. Fire-at-will states don’t have to give a reason to terminate an employee, so consider this before partaking.

  • Medical marijuana is legal in 29 states, meaning it can be prescribed by a physician. Many physicians aren’t trained in the dosages of marijuana and avoid prescribing it because of this.

  • Weed cannot be smoked in public anywhere, even in states where it’s legal.

  • Weed cannot be taken across state lines. It also can’t be mailed or carried on a plane.

  • It is illegal to smoke and drive. There is research currently going into creating a test for someone to take while high.


Additional Information

There are other pertinent questions regarding buying weed. Here are the answers to a few.

  • How much weed can a person buy at once?

In Colorado, a person is able to possess 28g of THC at one time.

  • How much does weed cost?

Prices vary depending on what type of weed product is being purchased. A bud usually costs around $10 and prices go up from there. Better quality weed will cost more.

  • Can I use a credit card?

Probably not. Banks don’t like dealing with marijuana quite yet, so most transactions are cash only.



Weed is now legal in eight states but only four currently have dispensaries. Ensure that the dispensary you choose has a variety of menu items, so there are many options to try. Check the dispensary’s website to see what they offer and if they explain where their products come from. A reputable dispensary will be clean and well-maintained.  Additionally, keep the rules in mind when buying or smoking weed. Legal weed in Boulder is available from dispensaries that offer many different products.